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with 25 years of experience offers luxury destination choices as well as charming local small Boutiques. You are invited to an extraordinary country of golden pagodas and golden dreams. A kaleidoscope of antiquities, picturesque landscapes, colourful markets and graceful people await you in the land we call Myanmar.

Myriam Grest Thein

a world traveler, born in Basel, grew up in East Africa and Iran and now for over 20 years South East Asia has been her home where she commutes between Bangkok, Yangon and Hanoi. Myriam has not only met ambassadors, spies, princes and drug lords, but is well connected with people of all walks of life. As she says: “I have learned from every single person I met, from the simple trickshaw driver to wealthy travelers, from the office staff to my suppliers – and I do not want to miss one single experience!’”

Expect a high touch personal service for a once-in-a-life time travel adventure with Myanmar Travel!

Testimonial 2017

In the May 2017 issue of International Travel News, a satisfied customer writes: Myriam is Swiss, but she has lived in Southeast Asia for more than 20 years, so she is familiar with both Western tastes and local cultures. We felt this was key in putting together this most impressive trip in Myanmar. She and her agency also arrange tours of other Southeast Asian countries, as well as tours to Iran and Mongolia. If we decide to go to any of these countries, she and her team will be the only people we contact.
Byron Flateland’s travel story

Myanmar Travel Agent News

With Ken Schluchtmann & Martin Schacht on a …
… a ship from the British Empire, a captain singing karaoke, spirits at dawn: Our clients Martin Schacht and Ken Schluchtmann traveled down the mudd ‘on the road to Mandalay’.

Learn about our donation to the forgotten people in Chin State/the poorest State in Myanmar (20.9.2015)

The struggle to save Yangon’s architectural heritage (10.02.2015) (By Philip Heijmans/Business Reporter/BBC News)

Burmese Horoscope
Burmese Astrology remains very popular in Myanmar and everybody knows their own signs for month, year, and especially day of birth. Try it out!

Myanmar E-visa (no travel agency needed for a visa) Online e-Visa will be available to all tourist visa applications from 1st September 2014. You just need to fill in the secure online eVisa form and make $50 payment. Approval within 5 days. Get visa stamped upon arrival.

Myanmar Luxury Tours

Are you overwhelmed by options and prefer to entrust an expert who caters to the high end market or looking for a multi-generational travel itinerary? We design luxury journeys with great value starting from US$ 1,500 p.p. depending on length of tour.

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