How to get there and some more FAQ

All the regular 6-day trips in the Mergui Archipelago depart in Kawthaung in Myanmar’s south, just across the border from Thailand. Getting there is easy and you have several travel options.

Flying to Kawthaung
If you are arriving from within Myanmar, you can  fly directly to Kawthaung Airport. We’d be more than happy to book your tickets and help you organise transportation and meet you at the airport.

Flying to Ranong
Another option is to fly to Ranong Airport. There are daily flights from Bangkok by Nok Air. The airport is well served by local taxi drivers but we can also pick you up from Ranong Airport, of course. Once you are in Ranong, you will take a longtail boat across the Pakchan River to Kawthaung on the Myanmar side, which takes about 30 minutes. We will help you with the immigration procedures before boarding the yacht.

Arriving via Phuket
Phuket International Airport is a convenient and well-connected place to fly to. From there, it’s a scenic 3 – 4-hour car ride to Ranong, the Thai border town. Here, too, we are happy to assist you.

What’s included?
All on-board meals, all nonalcoholic drinks, all activities, fuel, etc. Not included are visa fees, airport transfers, and the visitor fee the government of Myanmar asks foreigners to pay. This fee is USD 250 per person.

Do I need to know how to sail?
No. Our experienced crew can do all the sailing for you while you relax. If you like, get involved or learn sailing during your trip.

Will I need a visa for Myanmar? Yes. You can book it online.

Is it safe to travel in Myanmar’s Mergui Archipelago?
Yes, it is! There are no conflicts in our sailing area, nor are there any pirates. There is a midlevel malaria risk in southern Myanmar and you should take precautions by using mosquito-repellent and wearing long sleeves and trousers if onshore at night (which you are unlikely to be much).

What else should I bring?
You don’t need much. Bring your bathers, sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, your camera and you’re pretty much set! It’s best to also bring mosquito repellent and you may want to consider bringing anti-malaria tablets. Do remember to get a travel insurance before joining our cruise. On board, you won’t need shoes but you can bring flip-flops or reef shoes for beach outings if you want. We provide full lodging, including bedding, towels, all meals, water and soft drinks. We also provide fishing and snorkelling equipment and first-aid, if necessary.

What’s the best season to go? The best time for sailing is between late October and end of April. The rainy season starts in May.

What temperature to expect?
During daytime about 28-32°C. The water temperature will be about 26-29°C.

Is there on-board power, fresh water, internet?
Every cabin has power points (plus fans and aircons). There is fresh water for showering and in the kitchen. Internet is not available on-board.

Will I have to share a bathroom?
Every cabin has its own private bathroom and each comes with a shower, sink and toilet.

What kind of food do you serve?
Our chefs specialise in Asian cuisine but also serve Western dishes. Six weeks prior to departure we ask all our guests about their preferences.